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We are proud of the list of Suppliers and manufacturers we enlisted to date.

It is our goal to continuously introduce new products to the site.

This will be a never-ending evolution of the platform as we aim to offer our customer a reliable, competitively priced and trusted buying experience.

Quality products from a variety of manufacturers throughout the world.

It will be a personal goal to track down unique products being made by extraordinary people with similar aspirations as my own.

I welcome enquiries from manufacturers or supplier wishing to add their products to our site.

I also encourage Chefs to let me know their special supplier or requests wanting to source a particular product or ingredient.

This will extend our reach through sectors of the market we can only dream of right now.

I have been at the manufacturing end of the chain since 1980, firstly setting up an ice cream plant, venturing into fresh yogurts and milk powder blends.

In 2009 I established an infant and adult formula plant. Predominately servicing Chinese and Asian markets.

This is how Network Foods has been created. I have seen first hand how many markets cannot access the foods or volumes they require. The work that is entailed in researching the quality supply chains is prohibitive to most.

At Network Foods we hope to provide an advantage to our customer offering this wide range of foods, wine and Health and beauty products.

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